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I am trying to figure out if some relationships are worth saving or not. I haven's spoken to any of my sisters in the last year and it is really starting to wear on me. My mom and dad always thought family was super important to them and they taught us that. I have three older sisters and my baby sister we have the same dad but   different moms but we were raised not to think that way. I love all my sisters and that is why this last year has been so hard. I always thought sisters and family stuck together but they don't not when it matters not at all. I could have died at the hands of my son and when my face looked like someone ran me over with a truck not once did any of them ask me how I was. And that hurt me  but what hurt me worse was my baby sister not only didn't come see me when I was healing she bailed my son out of jail and proceeded to pay for his lawyer and she did everything she could  to get him out of trouble. She told everyone that I was at fault for what he did and I could never  understand that. I didn't  knock my self unconscious he did I didn't break my cheekbones he did. I didn't break my nose he did and I didn't give my self a concussion he did. My sister stuck up for him and because she did he didn't have to do one day in jail not one. My sister should have been there for me and instead she stood by my son the one who did it to me. And my other sisters just don't give a damn enough to find out what happened to me.. I have never felt so betrayed. I don't weather any of it is worth saving. I can't look at my sister with out getting physically ill. She wouldn't care if I lived or died. She says she is a godly christian woman but then I look at her actions over the past year and I am realizing just how much I hate her even saying that. I have totally turned away from my faith because of her and I just am hanging on and it is just so exhausting to me. Something has to give but I don't know what it is going to be. My heart can't take one more ounce of her rejection and hate and betrayal.

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