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tro was a three year old Rottweiler. Nitro, along with his sister Bella, had been a pampered, beloved part of Liz Raab and Tom Siesto's family since they were puppies.

In 2008, Nitro went for training and boarding at Steve Croley's High Caliber K-9 training facility in Youngstown OH. Tom and Liz had no reason for concern about the care he'd receive. Croley came highly recommended, and had cared for and trained dogs from all over the country. Not only had Nitro been there before, they had spent time getting to know Croley on a social basis. The kennels were clean and well-maintained, and Croley presented himself as a personable man with a great way with dogs. They were also dealing with family medical emergencies and keeping Nitro in a stable, familar environment seemed the best option for him at that time. They talked to Croley on a regular basis and were assured Nitro was doing well.

On October 22, 2008, Steve Croley's High Caliber K-9 facilities were raided. The 19 dogs he had at that time had been systematically deprived of food, water and even access to inside shelter. Of those dogs, 8 were lying dead in their kennels. One of those dead dogs was Tom and Liz's beloved Rottie, Nitro. They had entrusted Croley with the care of their 105 pound baby, a dog who had scrambled eggs for breakfast, wore handmade costumes for holidays, and had always been included in family celebrations and vacations. This is the dog they got back. 

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