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I forgave you for all the hideous things you did to me and our son. You got what you wanted when you divorced me. You took everything I hoped for and destroyed it but I forgave you because to do no less would be wrong on my part. You asked me if I trusted you and I can honestly say I don't and why would you think I would? You haven't made the changes in your life to make it better why would I trust one thing you say. There is way to much water under the bridge for me to ever trust one thing you do or say where I am concerned.  I am looking forward  and you aren't a part of my life anymore. I have someone else and you have suddenly told me you miss me and you wish you never divorced me? Well you did divorce me and I am so lucky you did. I don't wish you ill but I don't wish you well either. I am indifferent to you and I am okay with that. Because no matter how much you say it I didn't deserve what you did to me.

Tom be the husband to Olivia that makes her proud of you. Be a dad to all 7 of your kids and make them proud of you. You missed out on so much with michael and all I want is for him to have found the way to forgive you for that because I have. Don't ever feel bad about divorcing me because you did the best you ever could have for me.  You opened my eyes and let me see who you really were and I can honestly say you weren't the man I thought you were. I had to forgive myself before I forgave you because I felt so stupid for trusting you and falling for your crap. The longer I have healed the more I can say I forgive you and mean it. And hopefully Michael can come to that place to.

I forgave you not for your sake but mine. Do you know how much I hated you? I couldn't hate that much anymore because it ate me alive. You have no power over me any more. I am not going to let your hateful words take up space in my brain anymore. The indifference I feel for you makes me happy because I am at a place where I feel nothing at all toward you and that is where I want to be!

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