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I don't know what to say to you anymore. You have the attitude the size of Texas that I can't explain nor do I want to ! I am not liking you very much at the moment! I have known you since you were 9 and I have known your mom longer then that and I know how much she sacrificed for you so you could have the things you asked for and she gave you nothing but the best. I think maybe your mom was too good to you and she spoiled you too much.  You have totally destroyed your mom's emotions over the past year and I have sat by and not said one word to you. Not one word while you were telling your mom to go F herself! You didn't know I heard every word of it. If I would have said that to my mom I would not have been sitting for a year she would have blistered my butt. But you know your mom won't do it and you use it to your advantage every time. Where is the beautiful girl you used to be? Instead you have turned into a person who I don't like at all. Every time I hear you disrespect your mom you hit a very raw nerve with me. What I wouldn't give to have my mom here to just hug and talk to . You have your mom right under your nose and you take her for granted that she will always be there for you. Well Ash god forbid something happens to her what are you going to do then? You have your mom here to talk to I have to talk to mine at the cemetery. Ash I have never been so angry at someone then I am at you. You have a mom who loves you and you treat her so badly. What in the hell is wrong with you? You are do damn ugly inside you have no heart and no soul. What happened to the wonderful beautiful young woman I used to know. The one who would always help me when I would ask her to! The one who always had a beautiful smile on her face and the one who never forgot to laugh. That girl is long gone and in her place there is nothing there.  When you are older then you are now I hope you see how much you have hurt people along the way and maybe you will see that how you treat people does hurt them. No one is perfect Ash and your mom has always said that but you aren't either so you have no cause to ever treat your mom the way you do! I hope you learn that soon!

I just want the old Ash back because I miss her!

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Posted on 11:07PM on Oct 13th, 2013
Sounds like Ash is going throuh some kind of rough patch. I am in no way excusing her behavior. But, I lost myself for a while, and turned into a really nasty person. We got it figured out, but it also took somebody I still respected/admired at the time (and still do) to step in and hold me accountable, and sort of re-teach me how to behave. I was close to rock bottom, had given up on or screwed up all my goals, etc. I think maybe you or her mom need to reach out to a peer or a sibling or someone and ask him/her to work with her. For the record, my brother openly admits even 8 years later that he was about ready to kill me sometimes. (not literally!!!) And he never wants to deal with THAT (aka crazy me) ever again!
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